Survivor Empowerment & Support Programme (SESP) is a survivor-founded and led empowerment and human rights organization rooted in feminist and abolitionist principles. We recognize the system prostitution as men’s violence against women and not as work. 

Our vision  

is to create an economically, socially and legally enabling environment for women to exit the prostitution system and for the abolition of the system of prostitution. 

Our mission

 is to economically empower prostituted women so that they may be able to create a life outside of the system of prostitution. We also seek to actively advocate for law reform abolish the system of prostitution by creating a socially and legally enabling environment for women exit the system of prostitution should they wish to do so, by raising awareness on the harms and realities of the prostitution system and by advocating for the repealing of laws that criminalize this vulnerable group. 

The organisation has three programme focuses:  Empowerment Public Education  and  Advocacy