Survivor Empowerment & Support Programme

Empowering women, liberating society through public education and advocating for law reform.

our programmes


We will empower women with skills like sewing and beauty courses (to do nails, hair, etc) bearing in mind that even for qualified people the rate of unemployment is hard. Also, the fact that some of these women are undocumented. So having skills like these that enable them to do informal business will assist in their exit from prostitution. We are also aiming at securing bursaries for those who express a desire to study further employment opportunities for others and also driver’s licenses for most if not all.


We seek to raise awareness among young women and girls at schools, institutions and community on the harms of prostitution. We will also educate society on the root causes to remove stigma and judgement, and lastly, we will also educate the sex buyers on the harms they cause society by purchasing sex to reduce demand, which then leads to the abolition


We advocate for law reform that South Africa adopts and enacts the equality model sometimes known as the Swedish Law, Sex Buyer Law, or Nordic Law a law pioneered by Sweden in 1999 and has since been implemented in Iceland and Norway (2009), Canada (2014), Nothern Ireland (2015), France (2016), Ireland (2017) and Israel (2018).
This law criminalizes the purchase of sex, pimping brothel-keeping and other related activities with the exception of the one who is bought and sold (the women) but it also makes provision for exit support such as the project of SESP, it has been modified since it started in Sweden with the most beautiful version being that of France.


Survivor Empowerment & Support Programme (SESP) is a survivor-founded and led empowerment and human rights organization rooted in feminist and abolitionist principles.

our vision

is to create an economically, socially and legally enabling environment for women to exit the prostitution system and for the abolition of the system of prostitution.


is to economically empower prostituted women so that they may be able to create a life outside of the system of prostitution..